On the surface, it is a Bible verse, but after digging deeper it's a life lesson that can and will change lives.

So putting this in my life.  I was doing the right thing in the wrong place.  I was going to be shifted.  God is going to take my old skills from my past, use them in a different place.  Everything I went through was getting me ready to go through the present and future.  God is going to save my old skill set, I thought I was OK in teaching and coaching, and put me in a new place to grow into a new purpose, rather than sweat in my past.

The call of God is disruptive and my life along with my family's life has been so disrupted over the last few years, but rising up from health issues, relationship issues, having to retire early cause of health issues, questioning continuing living, my father passing, FURTHER let's me know I'm heading into the right place.